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Springsteen and Sales w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 261]

Join Bridget and me as we discuss how developing good sales habits, practicing consistently, and prepping for each sales call like it’s your first – and executing each and every sales call like it’s your last – helps build your skills and elevates your productivity. And, in the process, creates your own legacy of excellence.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Front Line Friday with my regular guest, Bridget Gleason. I recently attended an inspired concert at the Meadowlands by The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. What a show. He engaged the audience in a performance that lasted nearly four hours and not once did he take a break. At age 67. The energy, commitment and enthusiasm that Bruce brought to the stage was remarkable.

What struck me the most was that after a legendary career that has spanned more than 40 years Bruce sang every song like he had something to prove; as if it were his first, and last, chance to impress us.

It set me thinking about our profession of sales. Why do we struggle to bring our best selves, our “A” game, to each and every sales interaction we have with prospects and customers?


How does Bruce Springsteen’s incredible energy, enthusiasm and commitment, despite his many years of playing the same material, compare to being sales?

After 40 years the Boss still plays a 4-hour concert like he still needs to make a good impression on the audience. Similarly, each sales call should almost be like your first time, every time.

Bridget asks, “Can an experienced salesperson wing it on a sales call?”

There’s an overemphasis on skills training, when what really drives sales are developing and refining good habits.

Andy and Bridget reiterate the value of being on time, which is a truly customer-centered, positive habit.

Bridget shares her personal approach to practice and preparation, and the value of going over prep material as often as possible.

Check out Andy’s interview with Cathy Salit and their talk on using improv techniques to improve sales performance.

Andy wraps up with his personal recommendation to see Springsteen. And learn the same sales lessons that he did.