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SOBERforce, with Marin Nelson [Episode 913]

Marin Nelson is the Regional VP of Enterprise Service at Salesforce, and the co-founder and CEO of SOBERforce. In this conversation Marin shares her story of recovery and how that led to the creation of SOBERforce, an Employee Led Resource Group within Salesforce started with the goal to provide a community and connection for sober employees, support people with addiction issues and to destigmatize addiction. As Marin shares, they are raising awareness, being open about sharing their own recovery stories and working to create an environment that encourages others to speak up in seeking help. Personally, I think this is a model that other companies can follow. And you don’t have to be a mega corporation to do it. Tune in and find out how.

*This is the second of our conversations this month about mental health challenges within the sales community. All part of effort during Mental Health Awareness Month to highlight this growing problem. To bring the discussion and support out into the open.