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Selling with Science: Call Connection Rates in the Covid-19 Era, with Jeff Shelton [Special Episode]

In this special episode of Sales Enablement, we’re introducing what will become a regular segment on the show: Selling with Science.

Joining me today is Jeff Shelton, VP of Product at Revenue.io, the #1 AI-powered revenue acceleration platform for Salesforce customers.

Jeff is the leader of a team of data scientists that analyze the millions of calls made through the Revenue.io platform to spot trends and mine insights that can help you have better sales conversations with your buyers.

In this episode, Jeff shares exclusive data around call connection rates during this COVID-19 shutdown era. We tell you how these compare to connection rates during what you might call the “normal era” that preceded it, and we talk about what the implications are for you in terms of when and how you should be making your calls to engage with your prospects.