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Selling with Introverts: Break the Stereotypes and Hire the People Who Can Help You Win w/ Alen Mayer [Episode 21]

Alen Mayer is the author of Selling for Introverts, and the self-described Chief Introvert. Research is increasingly clear that the most successful sales reps are those who are customer focused, service-oriented and lead with thoughtful questions. Those qualities best describe an introvert, not the classic extrovert or hunter type that is often mythologized in sales literature.

In this episode, Alen talks about why most sales leaders and hiring managers still define their ideal sales candidates using outdated terms like “hunter” or “closer” or “extrovert.” He outlines the strengths of introverts and how they can fill the gap that exists today between how modern customers want to buy versus how most companies continue to sell. Alen draws a clear picture of the strengths that introverts bring to any sales organization and lays out the case for sales managers to hire more of them. This is a don’t miss episode for every hiring sales manager. And, for introverts that are wondering if sales is the profession for them. (Hint: it is).