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Sales Psyched, with Christopher Croner and Howard Brown [Episode 1018]

Christopher Croner is a Principal at SalesDrive, LLC. He’s joining me today, along with my occasional co-host, Howard Brown, founder and CEO of Revenue.io in another first for this show. One Tuesday this week we had the first father-son guest combination. Today is the first time we’ve had two PhDs in psychology on the show. We start with one of my favorite topics: why don’t more sales organizations have a mental health professional on staff? After all, we know what the issues are. We’ve seen the data about the high levels of depression and burnout among sales professionals. Why are corporate and sales leaders so unwilling to provide the levels of support to help deal with these issues that have such an impact on performance and productivity? We then talk about Chris’s new video series Sales Psyched and explore why Chris believes that #1 thing a seller can do for a client is to introduce them to someone who could be their client.

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