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Sales Enablement Metrics: Increasing Competitive Win Rates and Shortening Deal Cycles [Ep. 26]

We’ve talked about a lot of metrics aligning different pieces of the revenue organization. Marketing to sales, sales to CS, revenue operations in general, all the metrics that you could want to know about your business. This week we want to talk about one that we think is not top of mind for most people, but is incredibly important: sales enablement and sales enablement. Some of you may already be thinking, “Why the hell does revenue operations care about sales enablement?” Well, there’s a ton of reasons! First and foremost, we have to be closely aligned with enablement because a lot of what we do in RevOps is implementing new ways to track data and that requires a lot of enablement on the sales team. Why? Because if they’re not following those processes and using that tech appropriately, all of our work is for not.


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Jordan Henderson (Director of Revenue Operations)

Brandon Redlinger (Sr. Director of Product Marketing)

Jonathan Stevens (Sr. Marketing Operations & Automation Manager)


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