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Role Specialization and Attribution Models with Greg Poirier [Ep. 40]

In this episode, we have another top-notch RevOps guest, Greg Poirier, CEO of CloudKettle, a consultancy that helps enterprises build and optimize their Revenue Operations.

He held back on the chess and Star Trek references, but didn’t pull any punches when it came to all things RevOps. Greg has done it all, from working at small companies to large enterprises. He has even gone through multiple acquisitions, including one by Salesforce. After wearing many hats, Greg knew his passion lied in what we now call Revenue Operations, and thus CloudKettle was born, where he gets to handle RevOps for many enterprise organizations.

The gang chats with Greg about the limitations of doing RevOps internally, role specialization on your RevOps team, and his very HOT TAKE on attribution models (imagine that, a RevOps leader from Salesforce has strong opinions on how attribution should be done!).

Resources Mentioned: 

How to Market to Customers Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large with Lauren Vaccarello, SaaStr Annual 2017

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Jordan Henderson (Sr. Director of Revenue Operations)

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Jonathan Stevens (Sr. Revenue Operations Manager)

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Greg Poirier (CEO, CloudKettle)

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