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RevOps for RevOps: How to Track Your Own Performance [Ep. 23]

We are back on track this week. We know we’ve had some fun recently. We’ve had awesome guests. We’ve held our first office hours, But today we’re back to RevOps 201, which loyal listeners will remember as our series on diagnostic metrics. In this episode we’re talking about the metrics that you can use to diagnose problems across your entire revenue operation. We’ve talked about Marketing and Sales Alignment metrics. We’ve talked about CS and Sales Alignment metrics. And we would be remiss if we didn’t spend some time talking about metrics to diagnose your RevOps team itself. We’ve gotten a lot of questions over the past months. Like, how do you measure your team’s success? And how do you measure what RevOps is actually doing? So we’re going to answer those questions and much more. Don’t miss this one.

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Jordan Henderson (Director of Revenue Operations)

Brandon Redlinger (Sr. Director of Product Marketing)

Jonathan Stevens (Sr. Marketing Operations & Automation Manager)


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