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Qualification, with Aaron Evans [Episode 933]

Aaron Evans is the co-founder and Head of Training & Enablement for a new venture called FlowState – a B2B sales performance consulting firm based in the UK. Aaron has also been recognized as a Top 20 Global Sales Enablement Influencer. In today’s conversation Aaron and I dig into the topic of qualification. It’s a subject that gets a lot of lip service but overall qualification is not performed very well by sellers. If I’m working with a sales team or seller on a lost deal review, I start with discovery and qualification. because that is where most of the problems start. We get into why Aaron likes the “Why Buy Analysis.” And how to implement this with sellers. We also dive into objection handling. Aaron discusses how he uses the Feel, Felt, Found technique to help surface the real question the buyer is posing with their objections. And then how to answer it.