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Sobriety, Stigma and Sales, with Chris Anthony [Episode 864]

Chris Anthony is the Vice President, US Consumer Goods and Marketing Cloud at Salesforce. This is another in a series of conversations I’ve been having on this show about mental health, sales, and business. In June 2020, on the 15th anniversary of his sobriety, Chris went public with his story for the first time. He took this step, publicly revealing a private story, in order to help end the stigma attached to sobriety and recovery in business.

In our conversation Chris shares the story of his struggles with alcohol, his journey in sobriety, and why today he believes sobriety is his SUPERPOWER. Chris also shares some of the warning signs that sellers need to watch for during these stressful times. Hey, let’s face it, between Covid, politics and an uncertain economy there is a ton of stress out there. Chris gives some good advice for those who are feeling this.