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My 16 Roles During the Pandemic, with Tiffany Heimpel [Episode 902]

Tiffany Heimpel is a Sales Manager for Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn.

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has been particularly hard for women in sales with school age and preschool age kids at home. They carry a disproportionate share of the load in managing work, remote learning, the family, relationships and so on. In our conversation today, Tiffany and I talk about the many roles that women have had to fill, and still fill, to keep work and family moving forward. We talk about some of the 16 roles that Tiffany described that she’s been filling during this time.

She shares some of the key lessons she’s learned in terms of managing her time. her team. And making time to take care of herself in the midst of the demands on her. And we dive into how that has translated into how she manages her team. And helps them learn how to manage. And what that has affected the coaching conversations she’s had with her team. Plus, we also talk about constraints. How Tiffany’s learned to recognize the constraints she faces and to strictly prioritize her time.