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Mindset — The First Pillar of Business Success, with Joe Dalton [Episode 679]

Joe Dalton, a world-class sales training expert and podcast host, joins me on this episode.


  • The topic is mindset. Joe teaches clients the three pillars of business success — mindset, marketing, and sales. Joe explains each pillar. He sees mindset as a differentiator.
  • Mindset is your view of yourself. Joe contrasts people who make millions with those who do less, given the same hours in a day. What is the difference?
  • Andy comments that we are not all the same. We need to learn to be the best version of ourselves while appreciating our differences. Joe says we all have doubts, fears, and aspirations. Joe starts each day with gratitude.
  • A survey of Americans 65 and older found their biggest regret was they worried too much. Joe would like to get people to stop worrying so much. An Irish survey found that people under 20 wanted to know their life’s purpose.
  • Researchers from Yale and Stanford studied people motivated by passion vs. people who had a growth mindset. The fixed-mindset, passionate people were less motivated to learn new things and accept ambiguity.
  • A good sales rep is resilient and thrives in ambiguity. Entrepreneurs have to have grit when they are sure they are going to succeed even though everyone thinks they are mad. It takes years to succeed.
  • Money is not the primary motivator for really successful people. Really successful people know the rewards will come if they do challenging work that’s fulfilling to them.
  • Joe works all night, into the early hours when he has passion and drive about a project. He only stops because he knows he has to get up in the morning.
  • Understand whom you serve and what you sell, not just how much money you want to make. Reps need to know that their job is not to sell. It’s to connect and engage with a person and inspire them to take action.
  • Salespeople should start with rapport and then create curiosity before fact-finding. Know the problems you are trying to solve, the value you offer, and how you serve the buyer. Buyers want to engage with the seller.
  • In 10 years, selling will look completely different. Inbound  is no reason to stop calling out, according to Joe. Andy finds companies are returning to outbound sales.
  • Ireland is a big network where everyone knows everyone. There are 4.5 million in Ireland, while there are 70 million Irish worldwide, with 35 million in America. LinkedIn has really taken off in Ireland.
  • Joe’s podcast is also on the radio in Australia. His podcast was inspired by Accelerate! and Joe was thrilled when Andy was his guest.