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MegaDeals, with Christopher Engman [Episode 989]

Christopher Engman is co-founder and managing partner of MegaDeals Advisory, and author of the book MegaDeals. On today’s episode, Christopher shares his best practices for how to win really big deals or as he calls them: MegaDeals. We talk about how winning MegaDeals is a lot like winning a political contest. We dive into how digital transformation has impacted selling large deals. Christopher and his team have conducted research into the 6 challenges that sellers face in selling to the enterprise. We dig into that. And then we dive into Christophers 5 cornerstones of MegaDeals. His keys to winning these large deals. We also talk about the importance of risk mitigation in your selling. As Christopher says “Value gets you in the door; risk mitigation gets you the deal”

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