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Mega Deal Secrets, with Jamal Reimer [Episode 1023]

Jamal Reimer (VP of Commercial at Saama) is the author of a book titled Mega Deal Secrets: How to Find and Close the Biggest Deal of Your Career. On today’s episode we talk about selling mega deals. The type of deal that can transform the arc of your career. We dive into how Mega Deals change the game for everyone involved: the individual seller, the seller’s company, the buyer, the buyer’s customers. Then we dig into why Jamal believes that most sellers are stuck in the Land of Run-Rate Selling. I love his description of this. The land where it’s believed that if you just increase your activity, sales will follow; And that you need to work fifteen opportunities at the same time; And that if you just paint by the numbers and stay within the lines then you will have success in B2B sales. You know how I feel about that!


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