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Mastering Virtual Selling, with Mark Magnacca [Episode 1014]

Mark Magnacca is the President and Co-Founder, Allego, Inc. and co-author of Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success.

On today’s episode we start off with a great definition of virtual selling. Being a great virtual seller means understanding a prospect’s mindset when you are not meeting with them in person. Which has always been the case with sales. That’s where the difference is made. It’s not just what you do in front of the buyer. As Mark and I dig into in our conversation, it’s what you think about, plan and do when you’re not in front of the buyer that makes the difference. As Mark says Virtual selling is learning to be a maestro (master) at orchestrating all the moving parts in the buying process to achieve the outcome you want. We get into all how you can become that maestro and much much more.

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