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Logic Game: You Just Had a Great Quarter, but Your Forecast for this Quarter is Bad [Ep. 39]

How do you know Jordan went to law school? He only brings it up EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE! And this episode is no exception. Since the “Logic Game” episode was such a hit (where we drew inspiration from Jordan’s days in law school), we decided to do it again. If you missed that episode, shame on you. But here’s the quick rundown–we took a RevOps scenario, laid out the facts (i.e., the “fact pattern”), then gave recommendations as to how our fictional subject should handle the situation.

Jordan, once again, starts by laying out the “fact pattern” (which we’ve included below) and tries to stump Jonathan and Brandon. After plenty of banter–and some attempted mindreading by Jonathan and Brandon–the gang gets to work and has a lively discussion about how they would handle this RevOps scenario. Chances are, you may have found yourself in this situation in the past or will find yourself there in the future as a RevOps leader. So get your pencil and paper, and get ready to take notes.

Fact Pattern: 

Helen Back is leading RevOps at a 450-person software company. Her sales team just had its biggest quarter ever in terms of closed-won new business.

Helen is doing her next quarter forecasting and is realizing that their pipeline is weak. The team is currently forecasted to hit about 50% of its quota capacity in the next quarter. Through digging into the pipeline generation metrics, Helen has discovered that the sales team is not self-generating any new logo business.

The pickup rate on marketing-generated leads is around 80%. Marketing-generated pipeline is down about 40%, quarter-over-quarter, and the average new pipeline deal size is down by about 60%, quarter-over-quarter. What are the major issues and how does Helen right the ship?

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