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Logic Game: The First 30 Days of Being a VP of RevOps [Ep. 37]

We’re doing something a little different on this episode. As many of our listeners probably know, Jordan is an attorney by education and we’re taking a page from the good ol’ law school textbook. What they’ll do is lay out all of the facts of a case, then you have to go through it, analyze it and make recommendations based on the information.

And in the case for this episode, the facts are based on a question we got from a listener. Jordan starts by laying out the “fact pattern” (which we’ve included below), then the gang goes to work discussing the details and making recommendations for this listener. Many of you may be in this same situation, or will find yourself here soon, so we thought it would be a great episode that everyone would benefit from.

Fact Pattern:

• Polly Ester is a new VP of RevOps, and started 5 weeks ago at an Enterprise SaaS company with 250 employees. Polly has never held a true RevOps title but has spent the last 15 years working in data and business analytics at financial services companies in roles ranging from entry to VP.

• She took the role in RevOps as a new adventure/test with a leadership team that she personally knows. She’s leaning into the steep learning curve and is reaching out to RevOps leaders to pick their brains about her new venture.

• You are a RevOps leader, and she has reached out to pick your brain. She’s super organized and has provided you with a list of questions she’d like to discuss on your call.

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