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Leverage Social Media in Account-Based Selling. With Garrett Mehrguth [Episode 563]

Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive Consulting, joins me on this episode.


Garrett says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is differentiation — presenting your niche and value proposition, and including content that adds value to the prospect.

Garrett tells how to create differentiation. The human-to-human connection is first, but differentiation comes from showing how you’ve solved similar problems for others.

Garrett discusses increasing revenue potential in every stage of the pipeline through the use of social media. He explains how Facebook ads target can your CRM contacts.

Garrett gives numbers for his own Facebook usage for top-of-funnel awareness.

Garrett says that Facebook ads give him the best cost per response. He notes their features compared to Twitter and LinkedIn ads. Use graphics with a professional appearance.

Garrett explains the essential nature of the call to action and the landing page. Garrett uses dual offers on the landing page of his calls to action.

There are different offers for different personas. Garrett gives an explanation of the outreach to personas at different levels.

Garrett talks about pitching Andy to get on the Accelerate! Podcast, and how he did it.

What is Garrett’s ‘ask’ for a Facebook ad? Garrett wants to get the prospect on a call, to establish for them that they are a good fit.

Garrett’s immediate target is to grow the business, through new hiring. He explains how he has delegated hiring.

Garrett elaborates on social proof. Watch your keywords. The highest close rates are coming from sites where social proof (reviews) are present.

There are alternatives to Captera for smaller companies. Garrett points out how Clutch.co works, and other directories with reviews.