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Let’s Talk Marketing and Sales Alignment, with Bridget Gleason [Episode 125]

My regular guest on Front Line Friday is Bridget Gleason, VP of Corporate Sales for SumoLogic. In today’s episode, Bridget and I have a conversation about marketing and sales alignment.

Let’s do a deep dive on how we can get these two departments to work more efficiently within one another and make those prospects turn into sales! Included among the topics we discuss are:

  • The lack of communication between marketing and sales departments.
  • How to fix communication gaps.
  • Metrics on how well the sales team is effectively using marketing’s legwork.
  • Proper sales and marketing team education.
  • How to easily transition a prospect from the marketing team to the sales team without a restart in conversation.
  • And much, much more!

Be sure to join us for this information packed episode!

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