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Lean Communications: What The Lean Revolution Can Teach You About How to Effectively and Persuasively Communicate Your Sales Message w/ Jack Malcolm [Episode 58]

Jack Malcolm, is President of the Falcon Performance Group and the author of Bottom-Line Selling and Strategic Sales Presentations.

In this episode, Jack identifies the single biggest barrier to effective, persuasive communication that exists in sales, and in business in general. He describes a streamlined communication process that he teaches, based on lean manufacturing principles, that enables sellers and presenters to deliver more value in less time to the recipients, or target audience. Jack also provides actionable recommendations about how to assess the effectiveness of your communications, as well as exercises that you can use to ensure that your pitches, stories and presentations are focused on meeting the needs of your customers.

If it’s a part of your job to effectively and persuasively communicate with customers, then this episode is a must listen!