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It’s Not Just About Xs and Os, Important Lessons You Can Learn About Sales From Big-Time College Football Coaches with Jeff Beals w/ Jeff Beals [Episode 56]

Jeff Beals is the author of Selling Saturdays: Blue Chip Sales Tips From College Football. Imagine a sales situation in which there are only 100 prospects in the entire country that fit your ideal customer profile. And, imagine that you have at least 30 competitors fighting tooth and nail to win the order from those same 100 prospects. That’s sales environment that big-time college football coaches face on a daily basis competing to win a commitment from 17 year old athletes to attend their school.

In this episode, Jeff Beals shares with you the very real lessons you can learn about sales, including focus, planning, commitment, intensity and competition, from the coaches that walk the side lines on Saturdays.

If you sell in a highly competitive market, then this show is a must listen!