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Influence, with Jon Levy [Episode 915]

Jon Levy is the Founder and Host of Influencers, a Behavioral scientist, consultant, and author of a very interesting new book titled, You’re Invited, The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence. On today’s episode we’re talking influence, connection and trust.

We start with Influence. What is it? What does it mean to have influence? And the role of relationships and community in creating influence. And Jon shares the details behind his Influence Equation.

Then Jon and I dive into the importance of connection and connectedness. isolation and loneliness are an increasing fact of life. It presents itself in the stress, burnout and mental health issues we see in sales. As Jon points out chances are high that the people you want to connect with are in need of connection too and may not even realize it. We dig into why sellers need to develop relationships in which everyone is better off, rather than trying to extract as much value as possible from it.

Finally, we get into the process of building trust. And why building trust begins with finding a challenge big enough to require people to work together.