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Increase your sales velocity with email with Bryan Wade [Episode 690]

Bryan Wade, CEO at Sigstr, joins me on this episode.



  • Bryan’s career led him to be SVP and CPO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Bryan’s responsibilities were social, advertising, email, mobile, and web.
  • After he left, Scott Dorsey of High Alpha called him for the CEO opportunity at Sigstr. Bryan had wanted to work for a prolific software company like Sigstr — one that serves all markets, not a vertical or a niche.
  • Sigstr hooks into your employee email system and adds a clickable banner to every message it sends. Sigstr also has a relationship intelligence product.
  • Bryan explains how each dynamic email banner is targeted according to your lists and the domain of the recipient.
  • Andy and Bryan discuss the potential marketing opportunity through this often-unused channel. Bryan explains the development of the product by Dan Hanrahan.
  • Bryan gives a customer example of results from using Sigstr.
  • How does Sigstr increase the velocity of the sales process? Bryan explains a study Sigstr conducted with EyeQuant.
  • Bryan contrasts top-of-funnel to bottom-of-the-funnel banners that are most effective. Marketing creates the banners.
  • Bryan talks about Pulse, an AI-based relationship mapping product for sales. Bryan tells how Pulse is great for event marketers, too.
  • Bryan notes how Sigstr’s Email Signature Marketing product matches signatures and banners to campaigns. Sigstr’s Pulse product ignores marketing messages and looks for human-to-human connections.
  • Sigstr targets business with more than 100 employees and marketing sophistication. Healthcare, insurance, marketing tech, professional consulting, accounting firms, and systems integrators tend to be great clients.
  • Anybody who emails a lot is a good prospect for Sigstr.