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Increase Engagement and Conversions with Better Content Experiences, with Randy Frisch [Ep. 16]

Today we are super excited to have our second guest stop by the podcast. Randy Frisch is Co-Founder, CMO & President of Uberflip, and author of the excellent book F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience to Drive Demand, Revenue & Relationships.

We all know what content creation is, but are you familiar with Content Experience? The role of most content marketers is not necessarily associated with the distribution of the content. They’re great at creating content at scale, however what’s the point in investing in all that content if you don’t use it? That’s where content experience comes in. Tune-in to this episode to learn how to ensure all that content you’ve created is consumed by thinking strategically about the environment, structure, and ways we get people to engage in our content.


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