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If You Fail to Plan Then You Are Planning to Fail. Essential Sales Planning Strategies for 2016 w/ Mike Weinberg [Episode 63]

That saying about failing to plan is from Ben Franklin. And, while Mike Weinberg may or may not be Ben Franklin, he is one of the smartest people I know in sales. And, in our conversation, Mike describes the two essential planning steps that every sales manager and sales rep must take at the beginning of a new sales to increase their chances for success. He provides a simple framework for creating an effective individual sales plan that sales reps should use as a roadmap throughout the sales year.

Mike also talks about why an important element of the sales plan is a personal investment plan; meaning that every sales rep should have a detailed strategy for how they will invest their own time and money in their own success in 2016. Mike reveals why he continues to invest his time and money in hiring coaches and outside experts to help him improve as a consultant, and consultant and consultants, speaker and author. He does this for the same reason that you need to invest in your improvement: so that he can continue to be a source of great value to his customers. Now is the time to plan for your success in 2016. Listen to this episode to make it happen for you.