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If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get. Effective Proactive Prospecting Through Referrals w/ Joanne Black [Episode 51]

Joanne Black is the best-selling author of No More Cold Calling and Just Pick Up The Damn Phone!

In this episode, Joanne describes why sales reps must commit to making referral selling their primary prospecting outreach. But its not as simple as just asking for referrals. Creating a predictable flow of referrals is a skill that needs to be learned. In this episode, Joanne details the essential steps required to build an effective referral selling system, and the necessary reinforcement coaching to successfully integrate it into your selling. As Joanne explains describes in our conversation, if you’re not building the relationships and expanding your network, referrals won’t happen.

If you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, sales leader or sales professional you need to listen to this episode.