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How To Tackle The Marketing & Sales Challenges to Growing Your Small Business w/ Kelly McCormick [Episode 99]

In this episode, Kelly McCormick, founder of Outsell Yourself, Inc., the author of Outsell Yourself: Go From Hello To Sold With Ethical Business and Sales Techniques, and a Top 10 Small Business Influencer (as recognized by Small Business Trends.) In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the specific challenges small companies face in growing their business. Listen in as we talk about:

  • The biggest obstacles entrepreneurs and CEOs face in growing their businesses
  • The Aunt Sally Test and why business owners and entrepreneurs need to regularly apply it to their business plans
  • Why it’s essential to continually clarify and refine your goals as your business grows
  • The key to clarifying your messaging in order to break through the noise get noticed by your ideal customer
  • The two triggers to help you decide how balance your investment in sales versus marketing.

This episode is a must listen for any CEO, entrepreneur and sales leader.