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How to Sell to the C-Suite w/ Jeffrey Hayzlett [Episode 478]

The C-Suite is valuable and elusive, but there are common threads sellers can pick up on to gain an edge.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of Hayzlett Group, Founder and Chairman of C-Suite Network, C-Suite TV, and C-Suite Advisors, joins me on this episode.


Jeffrey reviews his experience, history, and entrepreneurism, including being a global business celebrity.

Jeffrey was CMO at Kodak, the world’s third largest patent holder. Kodak decided to protect film. That went badly. Jeffrey explains why Kodak had a nuclear materials in the basement.

The C-Suite Network is a network for CEOs. They vet everyone who joins. “When you get big enough, you can come in.” They have the first and largest all-business podcast network in the world, with strategic content for executives.

The C-Suite Network has sponsoring partners. One way to get in front of the CEOs is to sponsor the Accelerate podcast, that is sent to approximately 500K execs.

Jeffrey’s radio show on CBS is All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett. The big challenges Jeffrey hears about: uncertainty over President Trump’s effects on the market (so far, so good); but mainly, hiring, motivating, and inspiring talent and people.

Most people who try to sell to Jeffrey as a CEO do not do their homework about him or the problem. A CEO does not have time for ‘a cup of coffee.’ Be relevant and direct. Jeffrey is a ‘driver.’ He responds best to a two-option close.

Jeffrey discusses buying decisions that involve C-suite officers. When he was Kodak CMO, he showed all major deals to the CFO, even when within his own signing authority.

Jeffrey’s attention as a CEO is engaged by showing him the vision of what’s going to occur through his working with the salesperson. The business case is the way to sell to him. Smart questions can start the conversation.

Jeffrey states the transformational rule of thirds. One third adopt early. One third get it eventually. One third never do. Companies spend too much time worrying about the lost third. As you transform, focus on the ones who get it.

The ‘power of being irrational,’ is to go for the big stretch goal, when the real objective is to get to a goal along the way. Always go for more — but be careful not to overplay the hand. Don’t cry ‘Wolf!’ Be a great coach; don’t be devious.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.