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How To Increase Win Rates & Beat Your Sales Goals In 2016 w/ Mike Schultz [Episode 69]

In this episode, Mike Schultz, Co-President of Rain Group and best-selling author of Insight Selling, shares the findings of an extensive research project the Rain Group conducted into what top performing sales organizations do differently from the rest.

Asking questions about what companies should be doing to drive their sales organizations to be stronger, Mike reveals what they learned from the responses they received from over 450 companies across 26 different industries during this year-long study. Listen as Mike shares their findings about the relative importance of sales process maturity, investments in training and team development, goal setting, account development and many other key factors that correlate to improved sales performance. If you want to learn where you should focus your energy and your investments to transform the performance of your sales organization in 2016, then you need to listen to this episode.