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How to Get Your Next Job with Social Selling w/ Ian Moyse [Episode 481]

In this episode, we describe how sales reps can improve their social selling skills one step at at a time.

Ian Moyse, UK Sales Director at Natterbox, and a cloud and social selling specialist, joins me on this episode.


Ian Moyse describes his own use of social selling to secure employment. Employment is about prospecting and engagement. Social selling tools fit these tasks.

Instead of reacting to LinkedIn ads, prospect proactively. Find a role that is not out in the market yet, through your contact base, or differentiate yourself for a position that is already advertised. Ian presents a detailed path.

In the tech sector, due to disruption, there is an incredibly high number of people looking for work.

Ian says some salespeople shy away from social, because they misconstrue it as frivolous. He suggests using social to network with career-relevant prospects. He cites positive accidental interactions he has had.

Ian warns against posting anything that could hurt your chances to find employment. He says networking gets easier as your network expands. He knows 25 people across the globe at one company he considered for employment.

Ian tells how he reached out cold to a person at a global company, discussed an article of theirs he had read, his own interests on the topic, and what he could add. He was brought in for interviews. He was seen as a go-getter.

Social selling approaches work well to engage with potential employers. If you don’t get the role, you’ve made new contacts. You may be able to add value at a future time.

An employer who is offended at your Facebook post or Tweet will not tell you why. They just won’t hire you. Calculate your risks. Employers will look, so, have accounts. There are pros who can help your profile. Or — just change your name!

Google yourself! Put your Twitter account on your LinkedIn, to show you have nothing to hide. Show a consistent individual brand that is professional. First impressions count.

Include in your profile content of value about your industry. Post articles, with your comments, and comment and ask questions about the content others post. Show genuine passion and provide real opportunities for connection.

Be strategic on where you want to be in five years.  Network with people where you want to be. Differentiate yourself, using social selling techniques, for roles that may not even exist yet. Raise your profile by being active. Start now.

Consider it like working a large complex account. Show what you uniquely have to add. It’s all about connection. You will find opportunities present themselves that you didn’t expect. Be different. Put your best photo online.