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How to Create Content That Attracts Prospects w/ Alzay Calhoun [Episode 286]

Among the topics Alzay and I discuss are how the right content can transform a prospect’s perception of your intangible value into tangible value, how to use content to maintain the right “problem-solution orientation” to engage and educate prospects , and how to focus on creating the right “pillar content” that supports your entire content strategy.

My guest on this episode of Accelerate! is Alzay Calhoun, Founder and CEO of Coveted Consultant, a professional training and coaching company.    


How create that attract clients (especially content transforms your intangibles into tangible value.)

How to create content that maintains the “problem-solution orientation” and establishes a sphere of expertise in the space that you’re serving.

Alzay discusses what it means to create more resonance, respect, power and profitability with pillar content. He outlines practical applications of creating pillar content.

Andy and Alzay discuss why most small companies don’t start a content marketing strategy, and offer concrete content marketing strategies for small businesses.

Alzay finds clients demonstrate a disconnect between their content strategy (e.g. engagement vs. curation) and what they’re actually doing with their content creation.

The differences between content as a client acquisition approach vs. content as an approach for establishing presence, and why it’s important to establish which goal is most important.


What’s your most powerful sales attribute?


Who is your sales role model?

Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, and Seth Godin.

What’s one book you recommend that everyone of your clients read?

The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber.

What music is on your playlist right now?

April Christina and Sam Smith.