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How to Build The Right Sales Stack For Your Needs w/ Nancy Nardin [Episode 252]

Join us now as Nancy and I discuss her Hierarchy of Revenue Needs and Sales Stack Maturity Model and how to use these tools to help you build a sales stack that aligns with your requirements, and many more topics.  

Nancy Nardin is joining me for a second time on Accelerate. Nancy is a thought leader on sales and marketing productivity tools and the founder of Smart Selling Tools.


More about Nancy and how she founded Smart Selling Tools.

Nancy has created the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs model, based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Nancy discusses the tools that are coming onstream for the customer success side of the revenue process.

There is a need for sales tools to help reps to execute in the middle of the sales process.

What is the sales stack maturity model and how does it relate to the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs?

Find out how the two “rocket boosters” underneath the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs turn the pyramid into a rocket.

The sales stack maturity model is 5 levels, mapped into the Jiu Jitsu belt colors―relating to the customer’s maturity level in terms of their use of sales technology.

The Hierarchy of Revenue is a great tool to start examining where to start in order to build your sales stack.

Check out episode 12 of Accelerate to find out more about Nancy as well as recommendations for sales tools to improve your sales productivity.