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How to Become an Expert, with Bridget Gleason [Episode 237]

Join us as Bridget and I provide our recommendations for the books we have recently read that can inspire, motivate and teach you how to elevate your sales.

My regular guest on Front Line Friday is Bridget Gleason. We lead off this episode with a listener question about how sales reps can establish themselves as a credible expert in the eyes of their customer. Then, we dive into another edition of Friday Book Club.


My most powerful sales tool?

LinkedIn Navigator.

One book every salesperson should read?

Winner’s Dream by Bill McDermott.

My first job in sales?

Selling and networking products and desktop computers for Xerox.

Music that psyches me up before an important sales call?

I tend to go quiet, and focus and role play the call instead of listening to music.


Bridget is VP of Corporate Sales at SumoLogic. With more than twenty years of sales and sales management experience in the technology sector, Bridget joined SumoLogic’s executive team to lead and grow their inside sales organization. Her recent experience includes being VP of Sales for Yesware and SVP of Worldwide Sales for Engine Yard.