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How to be a Great Sales Coach w/ David A. Brock [Episode 271]

David and I cover topics ranging from the evolving role of sales leaders in modern organizations to the qualities that make great sales coaches.

I am amped up to be bringing back my guest on this episode, David A. Brock, founder of Partners In Excellence. David is a fantastic blogger, sales coach, consultant, speaker, and author of a stellar new book, The Sales Manager Survival Guide – Lessons From Sales’ Frontlines. David brings to the table a wealth of hands-on experience and I’m happy to welcome him back to Accelerate!


How David got started selling mainframes for IBM before launching his own company.

What does David think is the tougher job: being a sales rep or a frontline sales manager?

We clarify the difference between “what’s your sales model?” and “what’s your go-to-customer model?”

How can sales leaders move beyond the pure metrics and focus more on the person-to-person coaching?

How to reward top performers other than making them managers.

When one hires a new frontline sales manager, what’s the biggest adjustment they generally have to make?

Leadership is the combined aspects of business management and coaching – you can’t do one without the other.

As a coach, your job is not to give people the answers. Why learning to ask questions is essential to coaching.

How becoming proficient at asking discovery questions as a salesperson is a great foundation for becoming a sales manager.

Some “experts” are scoffing at one-on-one sales coaching as being quaint and outdated. What’s David’s take on that?


Is it easier to teach a technical non-salesperson how to sell, or teach a salesperson how a product or service really works?

I’ve always had luck teaching non-salespeople how to sell.

When you look at your own sales skillset, what’s one thing that you need to improve?

I’m a master of everything! Lol. I think I need to continue to work on my patience.

What’s on non-business book every salesperson should read?

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

What’s your favorite place to go on vacation?

I end up going someplace where my bike is part of it, or mountain hiking.