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How Sales Reps Should Prepare For A Sales Interview w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 249]

This week on Front Line Friday, Bridget Gleason and I discuss how to prepare for a sales interview as a job candidate.

How much research should a sales rep do? What questions should you be prepared to answer? What are some of the curveball questions that might get thrown at you? We also talk about paying attention to detail, including whether you should cover tattoos for an interview. Make this episode your first step to prep as a sales rep!


This episode is all about how sales reps should prepare for a sales interview.

What Bridget recommends sales reps should pay attention to before they even leave the house for an interview.

To what depth should a sales rep research the company in pre-interview?

Remember that the interview itself is indeed a sales process. You are selling yourself.

Appearance is 100% critical. How does one find the appropriate level of dress in advance?

Tattoos―show them or cover them up?

What about the jeans and sport coat look? Is that the fix-all?

Based on the Yesware article, The Complete Guide to The Most Effective Sales Interview Questions, what are some of the questions that an interviewee might be asked?

How should you answer, “Why are you leaving your job?”

The question “What is your favorite pump up song, and why?” makes Bridget feel “old”! Why?

What’s Andy’s pump up song?