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High Profit Prospecting, with Mark Hunter [Episode 259]

In this episode, Mark and I discuss why salespeople are better off investing more time with fewer prospects, how to find and make contact with high-profit prospects and the short questions that turn into long, substantive conversations with buyers.

Mark Hunter, the Sales Hunter, joins me once again on Accelerate! We’re talking about his new book, High Profit Prospecting. (Mark was also the author of High Profit Selling.)


  • Mark provides a brief introduction of himself for those who may have missed previous appearances.
  • Mark shares how his approach to prospecting is different than those described in other recent books.
  • What are the real outcomes sales needs achieve when prospecting?
  • Prospecting is usually considered a low-level sales & marketing activity. Mark explains how prospecting is tied to high-profit sales.
  • The person who buys on price will never understand value. Mark explains.
  • Can one qualify value without talking about price?
  • Who is the intended audience for Mark’s new book?
  • Mark shares some of his best practices for making initial contact with potential prospects.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through on the prospect call.
  • What’s your favorite follow up question to ask?
  • Learn why these short questions get you long answers.
  • Mark shares 3 key methods to secure a contact, and provides some key insights.
  • Mark has a different sales process that he develops for every customer which might change how you think about prospecting.