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Fatherly (Sales) Advice, with Michael and John Tecce [Episode 1016]

Michael Tecce is the Vice President of Ricoh Global Services Americas and today he joins me with his son, John Tecce, a Senior Account Executive at Alation. This is the first father-son guest pairing on our podcast. And in this multigenerational episode we compare and contrast selling and sales careers. Michael has worked for one company for 37 years. John is already working at the 5th company in his career. They share the advice that Michael gave John as he thought about getting into sales. As well as the advice he gave John when hd left his first job in sales, at the same company that Michael works for. Michael also talks about the changes he’s seen in selling and in salespeople over the course of his career. And what it takes to be a good leader today. Plus, of course, we get into the differences in how John and Michael view selling.

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