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Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: When Hard Sales Skills Aren’t Enough w/ Colleen Stanley [Episode 97]

In this episode, Colleen Stanley, CEO of Sales Leadership, Inc. and author of the best-selling Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, discusses what it takes to manage and master your emotions to become a top performer. Among the many topics we discuss in this information-packed episode are:

  • What emotional intelligence is and how it directly relates to sales success
  • The Knowing and Doing Gap and how to bridge it
  • Why poor sales performance is less about sales skills and more about managing critical emotions at critical times
  • The #1 emotional intelligence skill all sales professionals need to develop and master
  • Why successful sales managers focus on coaching both hard sales skills and emotional competence.

Want to create a successful sales team than can cope with uncertainty and succeed in all situations? Don’t miss this episode!