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Driving Sales Confidence, with Lance Tyson [Episode 1003]

Lance Tyson is President and CEO of The Tyson Group, a sales consulting and training firm, and the author of new book Igniting Sales IQ: Driving Sales Confidence During Uncertainty. Today we start by digging into a fact about selling that a lot of salespeople don’t recognize, which is that selling takes place in the buyer’s mind. We get into why, with the use of technology—the internet, email, marketing automation—there are more salespeople now than there’s ever been. As Lance points out, what that means is that certain sales are complex enough that buyers need to have a human involved to help in the buying process. And we dive into why Salespeople need to keep it simple and learn the process of leveraging their EQ (emotional intelligence) so they can start to tip the scales in their favor. Because let’s face it, just like a casino, the sales odds are in the buyer’s favor.


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