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Doughp Leadership, with Kelsey Moreira [Episode 916]

Kelsey Moreira is the founder and fearless leader of Doughp, an incredibly successful cookie dough company committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health & addiction. Kelsey was on the career fast track when she hit bottom 6,000 miles away from home. That’s when she committed to herself that she’d had her last drink. It’s what she did from that point that makes such a great story. Kelsey shares about her challenges with alcohol which led to her starting her own successful cookie dough company, Doughp and an appearance on Shark Tank. We get into how she managed through the stresses of the pandemic and the impacts that had on her business. And we talk about some of the work Kelsey is doing to help other companies adopt employee policies that destigmatize mental health and addiction and provide the community and support that people need.