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Do You Have A Sales Development Playbook? w/ Trish Bertuzzi [Episode 77]

Trish Bertuzzi has one for you. In this episode, Trish Bertuzzi, founder & President of The Bridge Group and author of The Sales Development Playbook; Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales, shares her perspectives on some of the key challenges sellers face in building their inside sales teams. Among the many topics we discuss in this information-packed episode are:

  • Is technology putting a barrier between you and your prospects?
  • Why SDRs are at risk of being replaced by automation
  • Flaws in your hiring, onboarding and training processes that you need to fix now.
  • Why managers aren’t correctly managing the inside sales process
  • How to fix the “rush to demo” syndrome.

If you have an inside sales team, or are planning to build one, then you absolutely need to download this episode.