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Do Not Forget About The Human Component in Sales w/ Jorge Soto [Episode 126]

Jorge Soto is the founder of Sales4Startups and a serial entrepreneur. Sales4Startups is an organization lead by startup sales veterans who help young entrepreneurs and startup teams build successful sales processes and the necessary backbone it takes to sell.

In today’s episode, Jorge drives the point home, to not forget about the human element in business and to always work with quality leads over quantity.

What are some of the ‘sure things’ that don’t work?

Speaking from a startup perspective, entrepreneurs can believe in their team, but if they don’t have the right people on board, then their dream will never get realized.

It’s not always about knowing the stuff that works, but you definitely need to know what doesn’t work as you progress through the startup phase.

If you’re a startup founder, you need to know sales.

Sales isn’t this ‘magical’ thing. The reality is, we’re all selling something; either a product, a service, or even ourselves as likeable people.

It still always falls back on quality over quantity.

This is a fundamental thing in life and it does not just apply to sales. We should always try to find more quality leads, connections, and relationships over quantity.

What kind of challenges have you faced?

Jorge did not understand the value of education when he was growing up in Miami, during the 80s and 90s. He had lots of trouble growing up and one of the biggest challenges he had to overcome was himself. He felt like bricks were constantly being thrown at him, but he eventually realized it was his mindset that was holding him back.

There’s a certain kind of mindset you have to have when handling sales.

You’re not necessarily going to win all the time, because you’re not, but just by accepting that, it gives you a lot of freedom. The distinction in this however, is to at the very least have the courage to try and have an intelligent fearlessness to the way you approach sales.