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Decoding the Best Practices of Visionaries, with Michael Londgren [Episode 925]

Michael Londgren is the CMO at Seismic. Today we’re going to discuss the findings from the 2021 edition of Seismic’s annual benchmark report on sales enablement titled, “Decoding the Best Practices of Visionaries.” First, Michael shares how Seismic defines a sales enablement visionary. Then Michael and I dig into the 5 key findings for sales enablement leaders in Seismic’s report.

  1. Position sales enablement as a strategic priority
  2. Drive go to market alignment by applying sales enablement across entire customer life cycle
  3. Avoid Tech silos by leveraging well integrated go to market tech stacks
  4. Encourage the adoption of sales enablement platform capabilities
  5. Use insights to scale best practices across the organization

And what visionary organizations do differently in each of these categories to drive better results across all customer facing roles. All of this and much much more.

Here’s the link to download the report.