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Cold Outreach Tips & Tricks: Getting Through the Noise [Ep. 8]

Today we’re going to be talking about cold outreach. Now this is near and dear to Jordan’s heart, as somebody who managed sales teams for quite a long time. So, this is a very fun conversation. Cold outreach is the practice of contacting potential customers in your ICP (preferably) via phone, email, text, social media or carrier pigeon, to see if they have a problem that you can help them solve with your product. Twenty years ago no one would bat an eye at the efficacy of cold outreach, but today there are successful businesses bringing all their leads in through marketing, 100% inbound. So, why in 2021, when you can have 100 different marketing avenues, is cold outreach still so important? Tune-in for the answer and plenty of data-backed outbound tips and tricks.


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