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Building the Enterprise Startup, with Tae Hea Nahm [Episode 992]

Tae Hea Nahm is the co-founder and managing director of Storm Ventures, based in Silicon Valley. He’s also the author of Survival to Thrival: Building the Enterprise Startup. Today we’re talking about an open-source resource guide for entrepreneurs that Tae Hea has launched. A place where entrepreneurs and their team can share their experiences and learn from others how to scale and unlock growth. We dive into GTM and a newer concept called GTM Fit. Tae Hea says the problem is that Companies find product market fit but don’t scale. Because there’s a “missing link” between PMF and accelerated growth for the enterprise startup journey. We dig into what that missing link is. We also explore Tae Hea’s four steps to find GTM fit, starting with how to Catch the Wave and Nail the Customer Journey.

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