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Are Your Internal Stakeholders Your “Customer”? with Jen Igartua [Ep. 32]

By day, Jen Igartua is CEO at Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy, where she helps SaaS companies drive revenue by creating a frictionless, human buying experience. By night, she’s creating sweet card games with her friends at Pillbox. In-between, she’s listening to the RevOps Podcast. Yup! She’s a fan AND an all around expert in marketing & sales alignment. Today Jordan (finally) comes prepared and the result is a wonderful, wide-ranging interview on RevOps. We get into what it takes to start a RevOps team at different business sizes, why our relationship with work is so broken, and why internal stakeholders are NOT your customers. Plus, Jen explains how focus just might be Go Nimbly’s competitive advantage.

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Jordan Henderson (Director of Revenue Operations)

Brandon Redlinger (Sr. Director of Product Marketing)

Jonathan Stevens (Sr. Marketing Operations & Automation Manager)


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