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Are You Just Going Through The Motions? Learn How To Stop Sleepwalking And Lead A Life Of Success And Significance w/ Aaron Walker [Episode 70]

In this episode, Aaron Walker, talks about his journey from being a successful businessman and serial entrepreneur to a nationally recognized life coach and mentor who helps people transform lives to become successful in business and in life. If you don’t know Aaron’s story, then you’ll want to listen as he describes how his life was changed forever by a shocking event one day in 2001. And how tit led him on this path to helping people from around the world discover how they can build the relationships that enable them to maximize the impact they can have on the people that surround them in their business and personal lives.

Aaron also provides you free tools that you can use to assess who you really are, what you stand for today and how to plan for success and significance in your life. If you think that there has to be more to life than just work and money, then you absolutely need to listen to this episode!