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Achieving Success is All About Achieving Mastery w/ Dan Waldschmidt [Episode 46]

Dan Waldschmidt, is the best-selling author of Edgy Conversations, and President of Waldschmidt Partners International. He is a dynamic, inspirational and motivational thinker who forces you to examine how you set about succeeding in your work and your life.

In this episode, Part 2 of an extended conversation, Dan, a record-setting ultra-marathon champion, talks about how to build the necessary confidence to succeed in life, and in sales, by setting outrageous goals and achieving them. It’s not enough to be good. You have to be great. Dan shares his secrets to achieving these goals through his concept of mastery. And he shows how this mastery extends to being a success in every aspect of your career and life.

If you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, sales leader or sales professional you need to listen to this episode.