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Accelerate! Expresso: Weekly Highlights Show for Aug 21-Aug 25 [Episode 552]

Accelerate Expresso is a weekly round-up show that contains highlights from each conversation from the previous week’s slate of guests on Accelerate!

These snippets have been edited into a tight, short show that will give you a taste of the insights you missed if you didn’t catch every episode of Accelerate! last week.

In this episode, you’ll hear excerpts from my conversations with my guests during the week of Aug 21-Aug 25. That’s episodes 547-551.

Listen in as I was joined by the following experts: Josh Elledge, Randall Bell, Hugh MacFarlane and Srihari Kumar. As always, Bridget Gleason was my partner on Front Line Friday.

Take a quick listen now. Then go back and listen to an entire episode with your favorite guest.

Many thanks to our sponsors who help us bring Accelerate! to you:

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