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5 Steps to Kill Busyness and Live with Purpose, with Garland Vance [Episode 941]

Garland Vance is the founder of Advance Leadership and author of the book, Gettin’ (Un)Busy: 5 Steps to Kill Busyness and Live with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace. And in this conversation Garland and I talk about busyness. Busyness being an overcommitment to too many good commitments. Well intentioned commitments. But as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We talk about why Garland believes that busyness is not a good thing. Why it’s killing you. Why it’s robbing you of your quantity and quality of life. Garland shares a great example of why he believes that overcommitting yourself is like a form of hoarding. You’ll want to check that out.

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